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1. Description

chunkit is a console client interfacing a file hosting service aka 'File upload for hackers'.

2. Features

  • File upload directly from darkness of your console
  • Automatic chunking of large files ( allows only files up to 50 MB atm)
  • Manifest files (*.mf) to easily share data with fellow hackers

3. Usage

chunkit supports three run modes: upload, download, edit.

3.1 Upload mode

This mode is used to upload a new file on If a file is larger than currently supported maximum size, the file is automatically chunked and uploaded separately. When upload is successfull a Manifest file is produced containing metadata (name, comment, size, checksum) and information how to merge the chunks together.

Upload mode is invoked using an option '-u' followed by a path to a file which ought to be uploaded. Optionally other options can be specified.

chunkit --upload [-ncsozf] <FILE>

3.2 Download mode

This mode is used to download all chunks and merge them together to create the original file. In order to do so a Manifest file must be passed to chunkit where required metadata are available. A Manifest file can either be a local file (i.e. /home/johndoe/ or a remote file accessible via HTTP/HTTPS (i.e.

Download mode is invoked using an option '-d' followed by a URI of a Manifest file.

chunkit --download [-of] <URI>

3.3 Edit mode

This mode is used to update metadata (name, comment) in a Manifest file.

Edit mode is invoked using an option '-e' followed by a path to a Manifest file that ought to be updated.

chunkit --edit [-nc] <FILE>

3.4 Options

-u, --upload toggle upload mode

-d, --download toggle download mode

-e, --edit toggle edit mode

-n=NAME set a name

-c=COMMENT set a comment

-s=BYTES set a chunk size

-o=FILE set an output file

-z enable chunk compression

-f force overwrite if output file already exists

-V enable verbose mode

-h, --help display this help text

-v, --version display version information

4. Installation

Download, unpack, make, run...