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con - simple ssh connection manager

Copyright (c) 2010, Errol Byrd <>
Copyright (c) 2013, Erl Cash <>

1. Description
This is updated version of original con utility found on AUR (
Original work is no longer updated so this fork fixes bugs in previous version and makes the output of the utility more readable.

The utility should serve those who have large list of ssh servers and are tired of creating new connection alias for every single one of them.

2. Usage
	con <alias> [username]
	con add <alias> <username>@<address>[:port]
	con del <alias>

3. Examples
	# Add new server labeled by alias into server list
	con add my_work_station root@
	# Connect to server labeled by alias
	con my_work_station 

	# Remove the server from the list
	con del my_work_station