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[ISSUE] Remove index_vector from Grid. It is rather ugly... Also value traits
are missing in a lot of the routines. Code coverage is pretty bad. Thus there is
no way of telling which routines are actually working.
[ISSUE] utility/image_analysis: Should use math_types and value_traits, but it
does not! Besides the library is not used anywhere in the code. Thus we have no
way of knowing if it still works?
[ISSUE] Should we drop core/containers/hash_map?
[ISSUE] core/geometry/t4_gpu_scan: Should we add a namespace?
[ISSUE] core/geometry/t4_cpu_scan: Should we add a namespace?
[ISSUE] Use value traits in FEM library, replace unsigned int with size_t
wherever appropriate.
[ISSUE] core/math/math_polar_decomposition.h introduces its own sub namespace polar_decomposition
[ISSUES] Following drawbacks of the MBD library has been reported:
- State information in rigid bodies and nodes are not cleared when reusing rigid
bodies from a previous configuration. This causes unwanted effects in caching
(and like non-zero velocities eventhough no velocities are set on
- Use value traits everywhere
- Maybe move joint stuff from bodies into edges
- Refactor bodygroup to only include bodies and edges. Thus create a two-stage
contact and constraint iterator on a body group, which in the outer-stage
iterates over edges, and in the inner state iterates over contacts or
- STL Heaps suck, their performance is really bad, it would be nice to replace
them with something else. See in sequential collision resolvers
- The util folder contains drawing and mel support! This really do not belong in
a general purpose MBD simulator framework, maybe we should kill it?