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Easy Boost Bindings installation

Goto the location where you want to install the boost bindings, and enter the following commands

svn co  boost/numeric/bindings
svn co libs/numeric/bindings

When you run CMake specify the BOOST_BINDING_PATH cache variable if CMake can not detected the setting itself.

That is it!

BAT file for Windows

For windows users OpenTissue provides a bat-file

  • third_party/include/install_boost_bindings.bat

One can use this to install Boost Bindings into a default location in the OpenTissue third party folder structure.

The Atlas Path Problem

Also, you compiler might complain that the includes cblas.h and clapack.h cannot be found. In this case, edit the files

  • boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas_inc.h
  • boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/clapack_inc.h

such that the lines

#include <cblas.h>
#include <clapack.h>


#include <atlas/cblas.h>
#include <atlas/clapack.h>

See footnote [2.1] in libs/numeric/bindings/atlas/doc/index.html for more information.