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Project for tracking the work of the Observability Working Group
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EEF Observability WG

Project for tracking the work of the Observability Working Group

Current WG projects

Awesome BEAM Observability

The curated list of tools for monitoring, instrumenting, and tracing applications that run on BEAM. Inspired by many of such lists over the GitHub.

Blog posts


  • lager - popular logging framework with broad features set
  • logger - OTP 21+ built-in pluggable logger module
  • Logger - Elixir's built-in pluggable logger module that in recent Elixir versions also synchronises with Erlang's logger module
  • systemd - library for integrating with systemd, it provides utilities for integrating with systemd's journal


  • beam_stats - Collect detailed VM metrics and send to arbitrary, plugable backends (StatsD and Graphite backends included).
  • Elixometer - thin Elixir wrapper over Exometer
  • Exometer - Erlang instrumentation package
  • Fluxter - InfluxDB writer for Elixir
  • Folsom - expose Erlang events as metrics
  • metrics - generic interface to to a different metrics systems in Erlang
  • Prometheus - Prometheus integration for Erlang
  • Statix - fast and reliable Elixir client for StatsD-compatible servers with some DogStatsD extensions (namely tags)
  • Telemetry - dynamic dispatcher for Erlang metrics and instrumentations
  • vmstats - tiny Erlang app to generate information on the Erlang VM


Errors logging

  • Aibrakex - Elixir client for Airbrake
  • Bugsnag - Elixir interface to Bugsnag API
  • Rollbar - exception tracking and logging from Elixir to Rollbar
  • Sentry - official Elixir SDK for



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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