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Ubiquitous Genomics

This is the source repository for the Ubiquitous Genomics class of 2015 at Columbia University.

The website is available at

The source is available at

Testing/Building the website locally

Install Jekyll (for more details see

gem install jekyll

Clone the repository:

git clone

Build the website with Jekyll:

cd ubiquitousgenomics
jekyll build

Serve (and monitor changes) with:

$ jekyll serve
Server address:
Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.

Then view the website at http://localhost:4000.

Sending updates/fixes

Fork the repository on Github (i.e. create your own clone of

Clone your repository to your local computer (replace USER with your github user name):

git clone
cd ubiquitousgenomics

Modify a file, test updates with local jekyll build (see more details above):

jekyll serve

When the changes are acceptable, commit the updated files:

git add FILE1
git add FILE2
git commit -m "short description of the changes"

Push changes back to Github:

git push

Back on the GitHub website, you should see a green "create Pull Request" button in your repository. Click the button to send the Pull-Request back to Yaniv's repository. If your changes are accepted, they will be merged into the master branch of he main repository.