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This repository

Welcome to our wiki!

Here you will find the project’s documentation. We moved it to this wiki so that it’s easier to keep it updated. Maybe more importantly, everybody can help us improve it!

If you would like to contribute a larger chunk of work, please consider cloning the wiki repository as described here and sending a pull request.

In the beginning there will be many changes and updates and not all places where information is missing will be marked as such. Please have patience.

Using erlide

Getting started

Need help?

  • FAQ – check this out first.
  • Found a bug? Write a support ticket! Please attach (or email) logs retrieved with Window -> Preferences -> Erlang -> Report problem.


Contributing to erlide

Setting up the environment

Hacking erlide

So you want to get hacking on erlide. If you’re new to Git, please read New to Git. If you know your way around it, read the following (parts shamelessly adapted from the erlang/otp pages):

Project management

Architecture and design

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