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* mark @private everything that users shouldn't see (or somehow tag that
they usually won't want to call these directly)
* call proplists:compact() to speed things up
* make sure we support file upload
* credit iserve
* should access logging be separate (a handler, or called by handlers)
* is the server suppose to respond with the same vsn or the highest it supports?
* should there be a limit to the number of connections allowed at once?
* rewrite chunked body reader (see todo in crary_body)
* look into in-file 'todo's
* create example that uses put/post (counter?)
* avoid denial of services dos (max header lengths, max line lengths,
max body chunk lengths, etc)
* logging
* access
* error?
* methods: head, put, post,
* can the controller pass the body size (or "chunked") to the sock so the sock
can limit the amount that can be read
* propogate timeouts to the right places in crary_sock
* transfer codings (3.6)
+ chunked
+ identity
+ gzip
+ compress
+ deflate
* absolute uris in http request line (ignore host header, but require it)
* throttling
* would it be faster to buffer and write out chunks when the buffer is
full instead of writing out a chunk for each write(). also allows easier
error handling
* allow hostname to be configured, fix crary:uri() to fall back on that (http 1.0)
* version not supported error
* re-read rfc
* make sure that exceptions are consistent and documented
* make sure we aren't ending up with stale procs
* port is linked to writer, so we shouldn't leak file descriptors if writer
gets shut down
* test chunked put
* allow internal server errors and stuff to be overriden
* allow internal server errors and stuff to be configured (ie is stack shown, etc)
* document how to use port 80 and not run as root on various operating systems
potential modules:
* webdav
* fastcgi, cgi, scgi
* mod_proxy
* mod_rewrite
* mod_auth
* compression
* memcached
* ssl
* cache
* mod status (console of server status/state)
* mod userdir
* mod evasive (limit hosts per ip)
* crary replacements for appmon, pman, etop, et_viewer, etc <----------
seperate projects:
* url library