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# Thanks to Scott Parish for this tip. Halts the shell execution on
# the failure of a simple command (see sh SHELL GRAMMER for more).
set -e
echo " Starting the Faxien/Epkg Smoke Test"
echo "====================================="
echo ""
faxien search cos
faxien installed
echo "describe the sinan application at its latest version"
faxien describe_app sinan #| head -n 5
#(sleep 1; echo "yes") |
faxien rr sinan
echo "setting preferred erts vsn to 5.6.3 for install"
faxien spev 5.6.3
faxien install-release sinan
faxien spev 5.7.2
echo "fetching the erl release and the tv app"
mkdir tmp
faxien fr erl ./tmp
faxien fa tv ./tmp
ls ./tmp
rm -rf ./tmp
faxien outdated_apps
echo "upgrade the sinan app"
faxien upgrade_app sinan
echo "upgrade the sinan release"
faxien upgrade_release sinan
faxien outdated-releases
echo "upgrade all installed releases"
faxien upgrade-all-releases
echo "add and remove publish repos"
faxien add_publish_repo
faxien show_publish_repos
faxien remove_publish_repo
faxien show_publish_repos
echo "add and remove repos"
faxien add_repo
faxien show_repos
faxien remove_repo
faxien show_repos
echo "show request timeout"
faxien show_request_timeout
echo "update request timeout to 99999"
faxien set_request_timeout 99999
echo "show request altered timeout"
faxien show_request_timeout
echo "show faxien and epkg versions"
faxien version
epkg version