Provides a more reasonable versioning scheme then the rebar standard 'git' vsn extension
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The rebar vsn plugin has a new feature where it can calculate a good version for an Erlang app based solely on the *.app.src file. You no longer need to place semver in your version field unless you simply want to continue the old behaviour. The old behaviour is still fully supported.


This plugin will make accurate semver compatible version strings for your Erlang OTP Apps as long as you are doing semver style versioning with tags 'v'.


Add the following dep specification to the deps tuple of your rebar.config:

{rebar_vsn_plugin, "",
     {git, "",
      {branch, "master"}}},

Then inform rebar that you want this to be used as a plugin like so:

{plugins, [rebar_vsn_plugin]}.

In Rebar, to make sure that the plugin is compiled and loaded before the actual Rebar is started, you should add the following to your Rebar config:

{plugin_dir, "deps/rebar_vsn_plugin/src"}.

Then add the semver version to the <app-name>.app.src file. It should go from something like:

{application, rebar_vsn_plugin,
   [{description, "Correct version manipulation for rebar"},
    {vsn, git},
    {modules, []},
    {registered, []},
    {applications, [kernel, stdlib]}]}.

to this the actual version you are interested in using.

{application, rebar_vsn_plugin,
   [{description, "Correct version manipulation for rebar"},
    {vsn, "0.0.5"},
    {modules, []},
    {registered, []},
    {applications, [kernel, stdlib]}]}.

The key change is having the version you wish to use {vsn, "0.0.5"} in the version field.

If you wish to maintain the original 'tag oriented' behaviour you can replace {vsn, git} with {vsn, "semver"}. This will give you the same behaviour as the git approach, but with full semver versions.

So your app file would look as follows:

{application, rebar_vsn_plugin,
   [{description, "Correct version manipulation for rebar"},
    {vsn, "semver"},
    {modules, []},
    {registered, []},
    {applications, [kernel, stdlib]}]}.


This plugin is designed to take the latest semver compatible tag and turn it into a semver compatible version for the OTP Application. One of the key things it does (aside from making sure that semver is respected) is insure that there is a unique monotonically increasing version for each commit built. It does this by creating a version from both the latest tag, the epoch timestamp and the ref. The ref is actually only there to make the version human readable.

So lets say you have a repository with the tag v0.0.1 and the epoch 1348518514 on the latest commit identified by 26ff3c6 then you would end up with the version 0.0.1+build.1348518514.26ff3c6. While that version string is long, it is perfectly accurate, semver compatible, and works well with OTP. This solves many of the current versioning problems with rebar and erlang OTP Apps.