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undefined dict attributes #4

davidw opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

{"Render variable with empty attribute in dict",
  <<"{{ }}">>, [{var1, dict:store(attr, "Othello", dict:new())}], <<"Othello">>},

I'm not sure what this should return, but "undefined" doesn't seem like the best choice, either in terms of django compatibility, or in terms of general usefulness.


Fix is pretty simple: return "" instead of undefined in the dict version of find_value. Passes the tests, at least.

I can do a pull request if you want.


Thanks for the report, I'll look at it.

@kaos kaos was assigned

Hmm.. I would expect an empty value, not "Othello".
I added this test:
{"Render variable with missing attribute in dict",
<<"{{ }}">>, [{var1, dict:store(bar, "Othello", dict:new())}], <<"">>},

And it passes, no changes needed.

Please reopen if you feel that I missed something.

Update: Doh, I missed it was reported 3 years ago, and no activity on it since.. wow.

@kaos kaos closed this
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