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extends has bad error reporting #60

wulftone opened this Issue · 4 comments

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If I try to extends "some_nonexistent_file" it spits out some random error:


This could obviously be a bit more informative. : ) If there's a way to include the file the user wrote, "some_nonexistent_file" and the file and line number that statement is in, that'd be great.


Met same issue +1


Also, take care about having extend always on the first line in your view -- otherwise, you will end up with another "random" error! :-( I spent quite a lot of time searching what went wrong and then found that one of my templates had an empty line on the beginning...


Related to #85 and #31.

@kaos kaos referenced this issue from a commit
@kaos kaos Give proper error message on badly placed extends tag.
Fixes #31. Related to #85, #60.

The extends tag really should be the very first thing in the template.
@kaos kaos was assigned
@kaos kaos closed this in 8024904

That specific error in the OP shows that that particular issue is related to ChicagoBoss, more specifically.

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