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I'm not sure how much of an issue this really is, but Django's title filter upcases differently from the erlydtl title filter. Django will upcase all characters after quite a lot of tokens, including ' and !, due to the use of the Python str.title() function.

>>> import re
>>> def title(value):
...     """Converts a string into titlecase."""
...     t = re.sub("([a-z])'([A-Z])", lambda m: m.group(0).lower(), value.title())
...     return re.sub("\d([A-Z])", lambda m: m.group(0).lower(), t)
>>> title("string-String-ssTring123-STRING-123string-123STRING-!string-a?string")

Compare this with

(runejerl@libertad)5> erlydtl_filters:title("string-String-ssTring123-STRING-123string-123STRING-!string-a?string").

Any thoughts? Should erlydtl strive to follow Django templates as closely as possible?


ErlyDTL does strive to follow Django templates as closely as possible, so I'll leave this issue open until there is a resolution.

@evanmiller evanmiller closed this Jan 31, 2013
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