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Only compile files with .html extension. #39

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Fixes the issue at ChicagoBoss/ChicagoBoss#140 , wrongly attributed to Chicago Boss.


Some people use other extensions (.dtl, .txt, etc.). I think the patch should just exclude files that end with a tilde rather than require the .html extension.


ErlyDTL (or is it Chicago Boss?) only accepts views with the ".html" ending, which is why I chose this.

I'm not sure excluding files with a ending tilde is a good way to go, as backup files might have a trillion different endings, e.g. .bak or .old. I'll be glad to change it, but I'd prefer something in the way of (html)|(djhtml)|(dtl).


ErlyDTL accepts templates with any file extension. I think just excluding tildes is the way to go. There might be other backup file endings but I would prefer to deal with them on a case-by-case basis.



@evanmiller evanmiller merged commit 8552440 into erlydtl:master
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  1. +3 −1 src/erlydtl_compiler.erl
4 src/erlydtl_compiler.erl
@@ -117,7 +117,9 @@ compile_dir(Dir, Module) ->
compile_dir(Dir, Module, Options) ->
Context = init_dtl_context_dir(Dir, Module, Options),
- Files = filelib:fold_files(Dir, ".*", true, fun(F1,Acc1) -> [F1 | Acc1] end, []),
+ %% Find all files in Dir (recursively), matching the regex (no
+ %% files ending in "~").
+ Files = filelib:fold_files(Dir, ".+[^~]$", true, fun(F1,Acc1) -> [F1 | Acc1] end, []),
{ParserResults, ParserErrors} = lists:foldl(fun
(File, {ResultAcc, ErrorAcc}) ->
case filename:basename(File) of
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