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Have truncatewords/2 ignore tuples (e.g. timestamp) and truncatewords/3 ... #40

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Rune Juhl Jacobsen Evan Miller
Rune Juhl Jacobsen

...ignore atoms (e.g. null or undefined).

Evan Miller

Hmm. Why is this necessary? Why are tuples being passed to truncatewords in the first place?

Rune Juhl Jacobsen

Both tuples and atoms are passed in cb_admin. I figured that people would use truncatewords as you have done yourself, so it'd be better to have truncatewords not choke on them.
The error given was really quite unheplful, which had me baffled for a bit...

From cb_admin/src/view/model/show.html:

        {% for attr_name, attr_val in val.attributes %}
        {% ifequal "id" attr_name %}
        <td><strong><a href="{% url action="show" record_id=attr_val %}">{{ attr_val }}</a></strong></td>
        {% else %}
        {% if "_time" in attr_name %}
        <td id="{{ }}-{{ attr_name }}">{{ attr_val|date:"N j, Y, P" }}</td>
        {% else %}
        <td id="{{ }}-{{ attr_name }}">{{ attr_val|truncatewords:8 }}</td>
        {% endif %}
        {% endifequal %}
        {% endfor %}

Note that the above code handles time, but only when the column is named *_time. I'm using timestamp_*.

One could argue that atoms should be converted to lists and truncated, but my reasoning is that it doesn't make sense to truncate atoms. Consider truncated versions of 'this_is_a_really_important_atom' and 'this_is_totally_nonimportant' :)

Evan Miller
Rune Juhl Jacobsen

Ok. I'll update it accordingly. I'll have a look at cb_admin as well, when I have the time.

Evan Miller evanmiller merged commit 2f8504a into from August 20, 2012
Evan Miller evanmiller closed this August 20, 2012
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  1. 2  src/erlydtl_filters.erl
2  src/erlydtl_filters.erl
@@ -1041,6 +1041,8 @@ truncatechars(_Input, 0, Acc) ->
1041 1041
 truncatechars([C|Rest], CharsLeft, Acc) ->
1042 1042
     truncatechars(Rest, CharsLeft - 1, [C|Acc]).
1043 1043
+truncatewords(Value, _WordsLeft, _Acc) when is_atom(Value) ->
+    Value;
1044 1046
 truncatewords([], _WordsLeft, Acc) ->
1045 1047
1046 1048
 truncatewords(_Input, 0, Acc) ->

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