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@kaos kaos Add link to README in notice. 816bd3b
@kaos kaos Add out of date notice. 8200a46
@rleonid rleonid I believe that error reporting seems to be it's own option. f320953
@kaos kaos Add support section and #erlydtl irc room info. 2c6925c
@kaos kaos Updated Home (rest) 1c99ef3
@kaos kaos Updated Home (rest) 5abd378
@kaos kaos Updated Tags and Filters (rest) a121744
@kaos kaos Updated Tags and Filters (rest) 0174196
@kaos kaos Add link to travis / update Erlang OTP required version to R14B04. fc672b4
@kaos kaos Fix link to Tags and Filters page. 7ab6723
@kaos kaos emphasize comment wrappers. 4b94def
@kaos kaos Add link to dtl page. c763e1b
@kaos kaos Copied from, with some touch up. 6268026
@kaos kaos From, with some touch up.. 357cb1f
@kaos kaos Touch up the content, just a tad. f84e8e0
@kaos kaos Touch up the formatting a bit (switched from markdown to reST too, btw). cb9cbe3
@kaos kaos Copied from 98fb97b
@evanmiller evanmiller Migrated from home v1 066af36
@evanmiller evanmiller Initial Commit 7be27a2
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