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ERMA (Extremely Reusable Monitoring API) is an instrumentation API that has been designed to be applicable for all monitoring needs. The design goal is "to make instrumentation as simple as logging." Lowering the effort needed to add instrumentation will encourage developers to add monitoring code where ever it makes sense.

Standardizing the instrumentation API allows greater reuse of the data collected. Events captured in today's log messages, for example, might be better expressed using ERMA as this allows the data to be routed to an analysis tool in the future without grepping log files.

ERMA was developed as part of a Complex Event Processing platform at Orbitz Worldwide. ERMA has been open sourced along with another component of the system, Graphite.


ERMA Architecture

ERMA Cookbook

Working with Monitors:

Working with MonitorProcessors:

Integrating ERMA with your codebase: