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How to contribute

  1. Create an issue for the bug or feature if there isn't already one.
  2. Fork.
  3. Fix / Implement.
  4. Pull request.


All submissions must be licensed under the Apache 2 license (included in the repository). Add your name / organization to the copyright list at the top of any files you modify.


  • Don't submit random changes, only what's relevant. git add -p is great for this.
  • Use short (<50 chars), descriptive commit messages with more description two lines down if needed.
  • Avoid merge commits when possible.


A Instant.sln.dotSettings file is included for ReSharper users.

  • Tabs.
  • Braces on new lines (except for simple getters/setters).
  • Spaces for methods with arguments, no space without arguments.
  • No trailing whitespaces.
  • Use 'this.' for private fields, do not use _ in their names.
  • Generally follow the existing style.