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<*>: -warn_error_A, debug
<*.ml>: use_xml, use_xMPP, use_logger, use_pcre
<>: use_strftime
<>: use_scheduler
<sulci.{ml,byte,native}>: use_lang, use_plugins
<sulci.{byte,native}>: thread, use_unix, use_dynlink, use_cryptokit, use_pcre, use_ulex, use_netsys, use_sqlite3, use_netstring, use_netclient, use_dbm, use_mltls, use_xml, use_treap, use_xMPP, use_strftime, use_logger, use_scheduler, use_ini_config, use_conversion, use_brainfuck, use_dehtml, use_json-wheel
<>: use_sqlite3
<>: camlp4o, use_ulex.syntax, use_ulex, -warn_A, -warn_error_A
<>: thread, use_equeue, use_netclient, use_netstring
<>: use_sqlite3
<*>: camlp4o, use_ulex.syntax, use_ulex, -warn_A, -warn_error_A
"": use_conversion
"": use_scheduler
"": use_sqlite3
"": thread, use_brainfuck
"": use_ulex
"": camlp4o, use_ulex.syntax, use_ulex, -warn_A, -warn_error_A
"": use_scheduler
<>: thread
"": camlp4of, use_dehtml, use_netstring, use_json-wheel, use_json_static.syntax
<>: use_netstring
<>: use_netstring
<>: thread, use_sqlite3
<>: use_netstring
<>: use_sqlite3
<>: use_sqlite3
<>: use_netstring
<>: use_netstring, use_strftime, use_xMPP
<>: use_sqlite3
<>: camlp4o
<>: use_netstring, use_dehtml
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