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(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: a1fcfcf7d012bf06eace0cfe550a3111) *)
This is the INSTALL file for the sulci distribution.
This package uses OASIS to generate its build system. See section OASIS for
full information.
In order to compile this package, you will need:
* ocaml (>= 3.12)
* findlib
* netstring for library dehtml
* ulex for library dehtml, executable sulci
* erm_xml for executable sulci
* erm_xmpp (>= 0.4) for executable sulci
* text for executable sulci
* sqlite3 for executable sulci
* pcre for executable sulci
* netclient (>= 4.0.1) for executable sulci
* json-static for executable sulci
1. Uncompress the source archive and go to the root of the package
2. Run 'ocaml -configure'
3. Run 'ocaml -build'
4. Run 'ocaml -install'
1. Go to the root of the package
2. Run 'ocaml -uninstall'
OASIS is a program that generates a file using a simple '_oasis'
configuration file. The generated setup only depends on the standard OCaml
installation: no additional library is required.