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open Dbm
open Sqlite_util
open Sqlite
let _ =
if Array.length Sys.argv <> 4 then begin
Printf.printf "Usage: %s dbname owner@domain\n newdb" Sys.argv.(0);
Pervasives.exit 127
let voc = opendbm Sys.argv.(1) [Dbm_rdonly] 0o666
let owner = Sys.argv.(2)
let db =
let file = Sys.argv.(3) in
let db = Sqlite.db_open file in
if not (result_bool db
"SELECT name FROM SQLITE_MASTER WHERE type='table' AND name='wtf'")
then begin try
exec db
"CREATE TABLE wtf (stamp integer, nick varchar, luser varchar, lserver varchar, key varchar, value varchar)";
exec db "create index dfnidx on wtf(key)";
with Sqlite_error s ->
raise (Failure "error while creating table")
let _ =
let stamp = Int32.to_string (Int32.of_float (Unix.gettimeofday ())) in
let at = String.index owner '@' in
let nick = String.sub owner 0 at in
let luser = nick in
let lserver = String.sub owner (at+1) (String.length owner - (at+1)) in
Dbm.iter (fun key value ->
exec db
("INSERT INTO wtf (stamp, nick, luser, lserver, key, value) "
^ values [stamp;
escape nick; escape luser; escape lserver;
escape key; escape value])) voc;
print_endline "Done"