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OASISFormat: 0.3
Name: erm_treap
Version: 0.1
Authors: Anastasia Gornostaeva
Copyrights: (C) 2009 Anastasia Gornostaeva
License: BSD3
LicenseFile: LICENCE
Plugins: DevFiles (0.3), META (0.3)
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
Synopsis: Treap implementation
Treap is a binary search tree data structure. This library provides
Set and Map functors implemented on top of treap.
Library erm_treap
Path: .
Modules: Treap
Executable test
Path: .
Install: false
Custom: true
CompiledObject: best
BuildDepends: erm_treap
Test main
Command: $test
TestTools: test
Document api
Title: API reference
InstallDir: $docdir
Type: ocamlbuild (0.2)
BuildTools: ocamldoc
XOcamlbuildPath: .
XOcamlbuildLibraries: erm_treap
SourceRepository github
Type: git
Location: git://
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