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Privateer: Wing Commander Universe

Privateer: Wing Commander Universe (Priv:WCU) is a mod for the Open Source VegaStrike game. It is patterned after the 1994 Privateer game set in Chris Robert's Wing Commander universe.

While Priv:WCU aims to include a faithful representation of the orginal Privateer campaign, it also aims to give the player access to the wider Wing Commander Universe and not just the Gemini sector of the original game.

Similarly, the aim is to include and allow the purchase of ships not available for purchase in the original Privateer game. The rationale is that all ships flying around in the wider Wing Commander Universe should be available for purchase.

It should be noted that Privateer: Wing Commander Universe is basically a rebranded version of Privateer: Parallel Universe.

I (ermo) am under the impression that I have the blessing of the former maintainer (who goes by the nick 'Chuck Starchaser') to continue the development of his baby. Sadly, the SVN repository of Privateer: Parallel Universe and its development forum appears to be lost to the bit gods.

If you want to participate in the Priv:WCU development discussion, check out the development thread on the Vega Strike forums:

How to get Privateer: Wing Commander Universe running

Priv:WCU is developed on top of the latest SVN version of the VegaStrike engine. It is not presently in a state suitable for end-users.

It is worth noting that Priv:WCU is developed on Linux.


Priv:WCU does not currently run under Windows. Last I checked, the VegaStrike development binaries for Windows did not work with the Priv:WCU code base.


Instructions on how to fetch and compile the newest VegaStrike engine can be found here:

I've recently ported the codebase to python3.4, but this requires that the user hacks the latest Vega Strike CMake configuration (since the current VS revision only supports python3.3 out of the box). There are instructions on how to accomplish this on the wiki -- it basically involves replacing py3.3 with py3.4 in a section of 20 lines of code.

Python 2.7 is no longer supported.

Creating symlinks to the VegaStrike binaries

Create a bin/ directory in the root Priv:WCU folder and create symbolic links to the vegastrike and vssetup binaries respectively.

On my system, it looks like this:

[privateer_wcu/]$ ls -la bin/
total 8
drwx------  2 ermo ermo 4096 Sep 25 16:16 .
drwxrwxr-x 26 ermo ermo 4096 Sep 25 16:12 ..
lrwxrwxrwx  1 ermo ermo   39 Sep  5 00:46 vegastrike -> ../../trunk/vegastrike/build/vegastrike
lrwxrwxrwx  1 ermo ermo   42 Sep  5 00:46 vssetup -> ../../trunk/vegastrike/build/setup/vssetup

To start Priv:WCU, navigate to the root Priv:WCU folder and type bin/vegastrike

To change the Priv:WCU configuration options, navigate to the root Priv:WCU folder and type bin/vssetup


I humbly ask that you do not fork this project (Priv:WCU) to make competing projects until such time as it is clear that I (ermo) am no longer making any attempt to update it. You are however welcome to fork the project if the intent is to contribute content or bugfixes. :)


Privateer: Wing Comander Universe has its roots in the Privateer: Parallel Universe mod (which itself is a continuation of the Privateer Remake project, the history of which is too long to include here), but also includes content from the Privateer: Gemini Gold mod (as close to a 1:1 remake of the original Privateer on the VegaStrike engine as one is likely to get) and the Wing Commander Universe project, which itself spawned the Privateer Remake project.

Wing Commander Universe can be found at

Privateer: Gemini Gold can be found at

Confused yet?


  • Chuck Starchaser (Privateer: Parallel Universe lead)
  • John Cordell (Privateer: Gemini Gold lead)
  • (to be filled in as I learn more about the long history this project)


VegaStrike-based Privateer: Wing Commander Universe mod. Uses Privateer: Parallel Universe as its base.




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