Chef Cookbook for R
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This cookbook installs and configures R. It also contains an r_package provider which can be used in recipes to install R packages from CRAN.


  • apt: Required for APT installation.
  • build-essential: Required for source installation.


  • node['r']['install_method']: Specifies either "source" or "package" install method.

  • node['r']['cran_mirror]: Used by the template to set the system-wide default CRAN mirror.

  • node['r']['version']: The R version to install. When using Apt, set to nil to always get the latest version.

  • node['r']['checksum']: SHA256-sum of the R source package.

  • node['r']['config_opts]: Options to pass to R's configure script. Source install only.



The r_package provider can be used to manage packages available in the CRAN repository. Currently to use this provider, your default CRAN mirror must be set. The default recipe sets this for you.


  • :install: Installs the package from CRAN. Does nothing if the package is already installed. [default]

  • :upgrade: Upgrades the package to the latest version. Currently this will re-install the package even if it is at the latest version.

  • :remove: Removes the package if it is installed.


Install a package:

r_package "snow"

Remove a package:

r_package "snow" do
    action :remove


Add the default recipe to the run_list of a Node or Role.