CloudWall is noBackend toy operation system, that syncs with CouchDB.
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CloudWall 2.2.3

CloudWall is noBackend toy operating system, that syncs with CouchDB. See details and running version at

Since CloudWall is in permanent beta state, sync your data with remote CouchDB frequently.

Install to a static hosting

CloudWall generally need just simplest static hosting to run. To install from Github repo type git clone git:// folderName, then map folderName to a URL.

Install as a CouchDB-hosted app

You can replicate CloudWall from the repo DB, and, optionally, setup vhosts configuration. To replicate CloudWall and documentation, create below doc in the _replicator bucket of your CouchDB:

// Please, don’t make sync continuous, repo is of very limited capacity.
// For CouchDB 1.x
  "_id": "cw22",
  "source": "",
  "target": "cloudwall",
  "user_ctx":{"name":"admin", "roles":["_admin"]}

// For CouchDB 2.x, target credentials required
  "_id": "cw22",
  "source": "",
  "target": "http://admin:__________@localhost:5984/cloudwall",

CloudWall now can be started from Bit long URL, to make it shorter set up domain binding.

To bind dedicated subdomain to CloudWall, first, make sure you have DNS A-record for the subdomain. Then go to CouchDB config editor, and create/modify below keys:

[vhosts] = /cloudwall/_design/cw22/_rewrite
secure_rewrites = false

CloudWall now starts from, the domain root. Rewrite rules also make entire CouchDB available from the domain root, to allow in-domain auth and DB sync.

The profile.json attachment of _design/cw22 contains default user profile, which includes default list of DBs user connects at start. Edit that attachment to set up the list.

Custom build

To make custom build of CloudWall, please read how to install CloudWall sources.

(c) 2017 ermouth. CloudWall is MIT-licensed.