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Photon is Futon-inspired CouchDB admin panel. Covers 100% of Futon and most of Fauxton features. Photon is a single CouchDB design document with attachments, so it can be installed on any CouchDB without re-building or reconfiguring CouchDB itself.

Photon is completely self-contained and is ok for restricted networks.

Additional features

  • High information density, similar or exceeding Futon
  • Group operations with DBs: create, delete, set security or compact
  • Group operations with docs: selective replication to other DB and deletion
  • Group _replicator operations: selective stop and restart of sync tasks
  • Advanced JSON editor, understanding both JS and JSON syntax
  • Allows group file upload and renaming files before sending to CouchDB
  • Supports Mango queries and indexes
  • Instant full text search in view results and JSON docs
  • Log viewer with instant search
  • Node and cluster level config management.

See screencast at

Installation using curl

  1. Create a photon database, providing credentials: curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT http://admin:____@
  2. Fetch the source code and put it into a design document, providing credentials: curl | curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT http://admin:____@ -d @-.
  3. Open in the browser.

Next time you can upgrade Photon directly from Photon itself. Just click the rightmost button at the navbar and check for updates.

Installation using copy/paste

Download photon.json from Github or AWS S3 CDN and use one of the following ways:

a) Open JSON in any text editor. Create a doc in any CouchDB bucket, using Futon or Fauxton. Copy-paste JSON text into it. Save. Run index.html attachment, clicking it in Futon or Fauxton, or directly typing smth like

b) curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X PUT -d @photon.json. Run index.html.

Next time you can upgrade Photon directly from Photon itself. Just click the rightmost button at the navbar and check for updates.

Installation using replication

You can install Photon using native CouchDB replication. Since DB you will replicate from is of very limited capacity, please, only replicate once, do not make sync continuous.

For CouchDB 1.7.2 and earlier. Create new doc in your _replicator DB and copy-paste below JSON into it. Save – and you are done.

  "_id": "Photon",
  "source": "",
  "target": "photon",
  "user_ctx":{"name":"admin", "roles":["_admin"]}

To make sure user_ctx section works properly, you must have CouchDB proxy auth turned on. By default it’s active in CouchDB 1.x.

For CouchDB 2.x JSON is bit different (see below). You need to insert credentials since 2.x does not understand user_ctx param.

  "_id": "Photon",
  "source": "",
  "target": "http://admin:__________@localhost:5984/photon",

Next time you can upgrade Photon directly from Photon itself, without repliction. Just click the rightmost button at the navbar and check for updates.

Dedicated host

Photon can run as a couchapp from a dedicated domain. To set up Photon for a dedicated host, you only need to configure CouchDB properly. First, set up CORS for the specified domain. Then set up two config keys:

[vhosts] = /photon/_design/photon/_rewrite
secure_rewrites = false

Now typing in browser runs Photon.


Where are source files?

Photon never existed as source files. Its sources are CouchDB docs, and it is developed and built using specialized dev environment, CloudWall.

What is underlying technology?

Photon employs most conservative and bullet-proof approaches whenever possible: jQuery plus established plugins to render UI, and XMLHttpRequest to interact with CouchDB. Photon contains no libs, originating from corporate OSS.

Why Photon uses external fonts?

Since version 1.2 it doesn’t. All fonts and icons are attached to the Photon design document.

Is it safe to update from CDN?

Default CDN has logging turned off, so requests and IPs are not collected. Update is always explicit and never performed until you click the update link.

(c) 2018 ermouth. Photon is MIT licensed.