A Twitter bot obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, and its admin panel.
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I knew Grey's Anatomy was going to be good from the very first episode. It all starts with the series' protagonist waking up after a one-night-stand with a guy who - she later learns - is her new boss. Ouch.

However, while the mix of love triangles and crazy traumas is exhilarating, it's the punch lines that I love most. I've been collecting funny, insightful, and just plain weird quotes from the series for a while now, and @GAQuotesBot has been duly tweeting them - to the excitement of some 4000+ followers. This repository contains the tools that make quote collection and management quick and fun.


More precisely, tweet houses a very short script that tweets a pseudo-random quote once in a while. admin is the bot administration panel that makes it easy to add new quotes and edit or delete the old ones.

Both the bot and the admin panel require one additional file to work. secrets.php should be placed in the project's root directory, and define the following constants:

define("DB_HOST", "");
define("DB_USER", "");
define("DB_PASSWORD", "");
define("DB_NAME", "");
define("DB_TABLE", "");

define("CONSUMER_KEY", "");
define("CONSUMER_SECRET", "");
define("OAUTH_TOKEN", "");
define("OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET", "");


Bootstrap does all the pretty interface magic, while TwitterOAuth deals with Twitter authentication. Note that while both libraries are included in the repository, I am not going to keep them updated.


Ernesta Orlovaitė