Rubber Ducky script interpreter for Arduino Leonardo (Atmega32u4) + microsd boards
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Rubber Ducky script interpreter

This code run Rubber Ducky scripts directly in cheap Atmega32u4 + microsd boards just copying to microSD as script.txt. Also works in any Arduino Leonardo (original or clone) + SD board,please keep in mind connect CS pin to digital 4 or modify this code.

Atmega32u4 + microsd board

WARNING: you must install [this custom version of Arduino Keyboard library]

Download and installation

  • Click "Clone or download" -> "Download ZIP"
  • Unzip downloaded file when you want to work.
  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Open ducky_interpreter.ino file
  • Select Arduino Leonardo board
  • Plug the board to your computer
  • Upload the code to the board


  • Rename your favorite Rubber Ducky script to script.txt at microsd card
  • Insert microsd card at your board
  • Hack & fun! ;)

Version History

(Date format: DD/MM/YYYY)
* 24/8/2017 First commit


Some functions like:



Open an issue, ask me on twitter to @ernesto_xload or visit