Data visualisation with Bokeh, a set of python notebook to experiment with bokeh library
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1. Bokeh Introduction and Quickstart.ipynb
2. Data Sources and Transformation.ipynb
3. Datetime and categorical axes.ipynb
4. Annotations and Plot Tools.ipynb
5. Gridplots linked charts.ipynb
6. Interaction with widgets and JS CallBacks.ipynb
7. Export and embed plots.ipynb
8. Plotting geo data.ipynb
A1. Additional Resources.ipynb
A2. DataShader.ipynb

Data Visualisation with Bokeh

Quickstart and Requirements

git clone

Using pip or pipenv

First create a virtual environment according to your preferences

pip install -r requirements.txt

Using conda

conda env create -f environment.yml

Activate your environment

with virtualenv

source myenv/bin/activate

with conda

source activate bokeh-data-visualisation

Within the source code directory launch jupyter lab

jupyter lab