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A Mac OS X preference pane for PostgreSQL database.
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A Mac OS X system preference pane which aids in starting and stopping the Postgresql database server.

Features include:

Start and Stop of the database server Enabling and Disabling the auto-start option when your computer boots up.


PrefPane screenshot


Postgresql database installed and initialized. If you do not already have postgres installed, take a look at HomeBrew to get it installed.


Postgresql icons and name is copyright of PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

The source code for the pref pane is Open Source under MIT License. See the LICENSE file for full details of the MIT License.


This project was created to mimic the mySQL Preference pane that you get from downloading the mySQL tarball. It was originally created to help the interns and creative team in getting their Ruby on Rails system set up with Postgres for doing the CSS and HTML of Rails apps, and are not too familiar with the Terminal app and unix commands.

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