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Various shell scripts related to arch in an AWS instance.
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This repo is for any custom scripts needed to boot Arch properly inside Amazon EC2.


These scripts are NOT intended to be run anywhere EXCEPT INSIDE AN AMAZON INSTANCE. I lay this out clearly because I will not feel bad when you use this on a non-ec2 system. I may be willing to help you fix it, but you shouldn't have done it.

At this time, each script serves a specific, unique purpose.


The only thing this script does right now is grab the key that was made with the instance and inject it into /root/.ssh/authorized_keys.


  • Support multiple keys (if Ec2 does).


I have not decided exactly how I want this script to work, but the idea is for it to inject the user data field.

I am honestly unsure how this entire mechanisim works at this time.


This is a script designed for /etc/rc.d to be called on each boot. It should be renamed in PKGBUILD.

  • It will check for the presence of a firstrun file, so that only events happen once per instance.
  • It will respond to userdata to push the userdata script (whatever that is)
  • It will respond to start for tasks to be called each time (if needed).
  • It will respond to clean, which will purge any key's injected (safely, if you customize it will not).


This script requires root to be run due to various mount requirements. It currently works but the image is untested.

It makes two images:

root.img: 1.9g / boot.img: 100m /boot


Likewise, this should push the resulting script.


How/where ever the files finally live, a PKGBUILD is only suiting since this is an ArchLinux designed system.

Feel free to use the wiki or the issue system built into github, or send me a message.

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