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base fork: erniebrodeur/dotfiles-fu
base: 5aa99efaaf
head fork: erniebrodeur/dotfiles-fu
compare: 1b426d6db1
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Showing with 10 additions and 17 deletions.
  1. +10 −17 zsh/init/alias.zsh
27 zsh/init/alias.zsh
@@ -3,10 +3,11 @@
# Alias stuff
+### overrides
# color!
alias ls="ls --color -Fh"
alias grep="grep --color"
-alias cower="cower -c"
+alias cower="cower --color --target=$HOME/cower"
alias cat="source-highlight --failsafe --infer-lang -f esc -o STDOUT -i $1" # this requires the 'source-highlight' package.
# This is to rapidily reload my shell.
@@ -19,29 +20,16 @@ else
alias pacman="sudo pacman-color"
-# rsync
alias rsync="rsync --verbose --human-readable --progress --append --recursive"
-# ssh places
alias ssh="ssh -C"
# makes it so when I paste, comments don't complain.
alias \#="echo "
-# short helpers
-alias gg="surfraw google"
-alias olcd="cd \$OLDPWD"
-# tag cd helpers, one to store the current, one to return.
-alias td="export TAGDIR=\$PWD"
-alias rd="cd \$TAGDIR"
-# git achievements ftw!
-if [[ -x /home/ebrodeur/Projects/git-achievements/git-achievements ]] && then
- export PATH="$PATH:/home/ebrodeur/Projects/git-achievements"
- alias git="git-achievements"
+### shortcuts
+alias sp="subl -n *.project"
+### virtual machine nonsense
# some vmware magic
alias vmware_env="sudo modprobe vmmon; \
sudo modprobe vmnet; \
@@ -51,6 +39,11 @@ alias vmware_env="sudo modprobe vmmon; \
sudo modprobe vmxnet3; \
sudo vmware-networks --start"
+# equal vbox magic
+alias vbox_env="sudo modprobe vboxdrv; \
+ sudo modprobe vboxnetadp; \
+ sudo modprobe vboxnetflt; \
+ sudo modprobe vboxpci ;"
# make a shell with max priority possible.
alias super_rt="sudo chrt -rr 1 nice -n -20 ionice -c1 sudo -u ebrodeur -i"

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