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Ruby Beautify Build Status Gitter

This gem provides a cli binary named 'ruby-beautify' that will pretty up ruby code.

Currenty, 'rbeautify' is included for backwards compatibility but will likely be phased out at some point.


gem install ruby-beautify


To Pretty up a file:

ruby-beautify filename

Without a filename it reads from STDIN, suitable for piping:

curl | ruby-beautify

It has help:

ruby-beautify --help

You can pick your indent character:

ruby-beautify --(t)abs

ruby-beautify --(s)paces

You can also pick the count of characters:

ruby-beautify --indent_(c)ount 1


ruby-beautify -c 2 -s filename

ruby-beautify filename

ruby-beautify -t -c 2 filename

Advanced Usage

You can over write files in place, this is useful for doing an entire directory of files at once. This will not over write any files that fail syntax check.

ruby-beautify --overwrite **/*.rb

Configuration file

It can use a configuration file like some of the other ruby projects out there. The config file consists of each argument on a new line. Something like this:


Note, you'll have to add the equal sign between value and argument (tricky bit, that).

Placing this into a .ruby-beautify anywhere in your tree (like git) will work. This allows you to put it at the root of a project and have it change the defaults anywhere in the project.


Please feel free to open issues, I am actively working on this project again, thanks entirely to the ripper gem.

The gaps are getting smaller. I think we have most of the basic ruby use cases in place. I don't use rails/dsl's too often so I haven't tested those. I suspect it should 'just work' since the way we do syntax matching is really agnostic to what a DSL can change.


  • Add vim style comment hinting.
  • add specs/pipe testing (epic).
  • remove the link to rbeautify (by 1.0).

Longer term I'd like to do some more to assignment, line wrapping, and spacing in/around keywords.


Please see the Contribution Guide file for specifics on how to contribute to this project.


The original analyzer is available at:

My work is based off of this sublime-text2 plugin: but cleaned up and made suitable for use directly in a shell.

I've recently re-written this to use the stdlib ripper gem to do the lexical analyzing. Consequently I've dropped all of the old legacy code that did this.


a cli tool to beautify ruby output to screen.




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