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Definition: BumbleBee is a software integration tracking system that supports phased testing, artifact uploads, Mantis bug tracking integration, and 3rd party issue tracking.

Purpose: The process of installing, upgrading, or replacing a large software application such as ERP, CRP, HR, etc. is very complex and usually requires many phases of unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. The goal of this web based application is to provide a central location for storing test documentation, tracking test status, integrating with bug repositories, and integrating with various 3rd party issue tracking systems.


A file that is uploaded and associated with a given feature/object.

Bug An externally hosted bug (mantis currently default) that is linked to a given feature/object.

Feature/Object The feature or object that is to be tested.

Library A general repository of file attachments stored in folders associated with no particular feature/object or phase.

Phase The testing cycle that is targeted for a given feature/object.

Test A test case that is associated with a given feature/object and phase.

Third Party Case Library The list of third party issues/cases that were opened as a result or in relation to the feature/object and phase.

Refactoring: The user authentication and authorization needs to be refactored or entirely redesigned using an off-the-shelve plugin. The current design was the result of requirements changes mid-development.