Monitor Memory usage of Python code
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Memory Profiler

This is a python module for monitoring memory consumption of a process as well as line-by-line analysis of memory consumption for python programs.


To install through easy_install or pip:

$ easy_install -U memory_profiler # pip install -U memory_profiler

To install from source, download the package, extract and type:

$ python install


The line-by-line profiler is used much in the same way of the line_profiler: you must first decorate the function you would like to profile with @profile:

def my_func():
    a = np.zeros((100, 100))
    b = np.zeros((1000, 1000))
    c = np.zeros((10000, 1000))
    return a, b, c

then execute the code passing the option "-m memory_profiler" to the python interpreter to load the memory_profiler module and "-l -v" to do a line-by-line analysis and print the result. If the file name was, this would result in:

$ python -m memory_profiler -l -v

Output will follow:

Line #    Mem usage   Line Contents
     3                @profile
     4     14.19 MB   def my_func():
     5     14.27 MB       a = np.zeros((100, 100))
     6     21.91 MB       b = np.zeros((1000, 1000))
     7     98.20 MB       c = np.zeros((10000, 1000))
     8     98.20 MB       return a, b, c

Bugs & wishlist

Maybe also print the increment in memory consumption.


Latest sources are available from github:

Author: Fabian Pedregosa <> License: Simplified BSD