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Raspberry Pi port LoRaMAC in C / LoRaWAN in C
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Raspberry Pi port LoRaMAC in C / LoRaWAN in C

This is a port of IBM's LMIC 1.5 to the Raspberry Pi using the wiringPi library for GPIO/SPI. It is adapted for TTN (

It has been tested with an HopeRF RFM95W chip, but should also work with a SX1272 or SX1276.

Some of the changes were taken from or inspired by the arduino-lmic-v1.5 port of tftelkamp (

The connections of the pins are defined in the main programs in the examples directory. Standard connections are: WiringPi 6 == nss

not connected == rxtx: not used for RFM95

WiringPi 0 == reset (needed for RFM92/RFM95)

WiringPi 7,4,5 == dio0, dio1, dio2

WiringPi 12 == MOSI

WiringPi 13 == MISO

WiringPi 14 == SCK


3.3V == +3.3V

The only examples currently implemented are hello (which does nothing) and thethingsnetwork-send-v1 which sends test strings to the TTN network (if a gateway is in reach). Do not forget to put your own device number in thethingsnetwork-send-v1.cpp!!

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