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This is a simple and responsive PHP script that allows you to easily navigate between images like a slideshow.

Best used for showcasing design concepts to clients, the script will show the file name as the page title and dynamically create a dropdown list of all of image files within the same directory, and make it easy for viewers to navigate between the images.

Demo at


To Use

To use, just drop the "index.php" file into an online folder with supported images (jpg, png, gif). You can easily modify the layout and overall look-and-feel within this single PHP file. Be sure to modify the footer information with your own.

Future Updates

URL Rewriting to include filename as alias
Displaying of Exif data
Additional versions and design styles


Carl Fyffe -
Edward Robirds -

External Resources Used

Includes "Font Awesome" by Dave Gandy - for the previous and next arrows. jQuery is required if using the select dropdown feature. Neither of these are required to use the script.

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