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# imgview
PHP-based script that allows you to easily navigate between images online, primarily used for showcasing design mock-ups to clients.

This is a simple and responsive PHP script that allows you to easily navigate between images like a slideshow.

Best used for showcasing design concepts to clients, the script will show the file name as the page title and dynamically create a dropdown list of all of image files within the same directory, and make it easy for viewers to navigate between the images.

Demo at


## To Use

To use, just drop the "index.php" file into an online folder with supported images (jpg, png, gif). You can easily modify the layout and overall look-and-feel within this single PHP file. Be sure to modify the footer information with your own.

## Future Updates

URL Rewriting to include filename as alias<br>
Displaying of Exif data<br>
Additional versions and design styles

## Credits

Carl Fyffe -<br>
Edward Robirds -

#### External Resources Used

Includes "Font Awesome" by Dave Gandy - for the previous and next arrows. jQuery is required if using the select dropdown feature. Neither of these are required to use the script.

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