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Fun little one button game (now built in Godot)!


Nick is the hero of this game. His goal is simple, to drink as much OJ as he can while the dark, rule enforcing body known simply as Girard tries to stop him. Girard is the main enemy of Nick's heroic quest to drink OJ in a room where drinking and eating is not allowed. He is the only thing standing in your way between freedom from rules and the oppressive system. In fact, he is the system, and he's there to put Nick down. Lucky for Nick, Girard gets distracted very easily, so while he's busy playing League of Legends and Runes of Magic, make Nick chug as quickly as you can.


Chug away while Girard is busy fiddling with his laptop. You can tell by a variety of visual signals of when he's looking around the room and when he is playing his games. When the red bar appears above Girard's head, that's a time meter that indicates when he becomes fully aware of his surroundings. In that time you need to slow down drinking the OJ and put it down and away.

Here's the tricky part. The faster you're chugging your OJ, the longer it takes to put it down, else you'd blow your cover by gasping for air. As soon as that bar appears, put the OJ down.

There's two numbers in the corners of the screen. There's the time listed, which says how much time you have spent chugging OJ, and the other is how many fluid ounces of OJ you have "dranked". There is no end game other than being caught, just keep drinking.


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