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Python script for initializing JsTestDriver with an Android emulator
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JsTestDriver / Android Emulator Initialization Script

Automates the initialization of JsTestDriver with an Android emulator, capturing the emulator's web browser in the JsTestDriver server instance.


Usage [Path to JTD] [Port] [Path to SDK] [AVD] [Delay]

  • Path to JTD : The path to your JsTestDriver JAR file
  • Port : The port on which to start the JsTestDriver server
  • Path to SDK : The path to your local Android SDK directory
  • AVD : The name of the Android Virtual Device to start
  • Delay : The number of seconds to wait for the Android browser to finish loading the JsTestDriver test page

Current Limitations

  • Does not support capturing the browser of a USB-connected Android device.
  • Does not support capturing multiple emulator instances.
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