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Jun 26, 2008

  1. changed version.txt to 1.5.1

    Paul Bakaus authored
  2. Scott González

    Dialog: Fixed #3032: Calling open on an already open dialog no longer…

    … causes problems.
  3. aaronchi

    add a couple more options to scale functional tests

    aaronchi authored
  4. aaronchi

    better descriptions for scale & size

    aaronchi authored
  5. aaronchi


    aaronchi authored
  6. aaronchi

    include top,left in restore props until I can figure out a better way…

    … to keep positions for relative sizing
    aaronchi authored
  7. aaronchi

    add scale toggle and size to functional demos + move origin calculati…

    …ons to size
    aaronchi authored
  8. aaronchi

    fix options clone (#2967)

    aaronchi authored
  9. aaronchi

    removing true from outerWidth/outerHeight to solve Safari Issue (fixe…

    …s #2983 - unresolved bug still exists in dimension)
    aaronchi authored
  10. aaronchi

    typo in createWrapper (fixes #2974 fixes #2975)

    aaronchi authored
  11. sortable: update callback wass not called everytime (fixes #3028)

    Paul Bakaus authored
  12. Richard D. Worth

    tests visual draggable - moved handle test to its own file. default v…

    …isual tests should have no options.
    rdworth authored
  13. slider: range can now be toggled on-the-fly (fixes #3004)

    Paul Bakaus authored
  14. Richard D. Worth

    tests dialog - added unit tests for #3017 - Dialog callback scopes

    rdworth authored
  15. visual css: corrected styles for slider

    Paul Bakaus authored
  16. fixed #3010

    Paul Bakaus authored
  17. Richard D. Worth

    resizable, selectable, sortable: changed cancel default to ':input' i…

    …nstead of (redundant) ':input,button'
    rdworth authored
  18. sortable: update callback wass not called everytime (fixes #3028)

    Paul Bakaus authored
  19. Richard D. Worth

    tests draggable #2965 - fixed to account for distance: 1 default

    rdworth authored
  20. sortable: fixed serialize issue when a key was specified as option, b…

    …ut no custom expression
    Paul Bakaus authored
  21. Richard D. Worth

    tests resizable - restructured to match others, added defaults test

    rdworth authored
  22. Eduardo Lundgren

    css method - change class id name for generated div

  23. Eduardo Lundgren

    Resizable functional demo more updates

  24. Eduardo Lundgren

    Resizable functional demo updates

  25. Eduardo Lundgren

    alsoResize option bug fixes

  26. Eduardo Lundgren

    Fixed #2996

  27. Eduardo Lundgren

    Fixed #2990

  28. Eduardo Lundgren

    Fixed #2988

  29. Scott González

    Dialog: Fixed stacking problem with modal dialogs.

  30. Scott González

    Fixed #2340: Consistent parameters for dispatched events and callbacks.

  31. Scott González

    Dialog: Restructured button creation and fixed the problem with not b…

    …eing able to change the buttons after instantiation.

Jun 25, 2008

  1. sortable: added visual test page for profiling performance

    Paul Bakaus authored
  2. Eduardo Lundgren

    Fix #3026 - Plugins callbacks need to be called first and user callba…

    …cks at the end
  3. sortable: extreme performance increase by using setTimeout delegation…

    … and local vs. inner scope check in it, tested in FF3, IE6 and IE7, but still experimental
    Paul Bakaus authored
  4. Richard D. Worth

    fixed #3026 - resizable resize handler is called too early

    rdworth authored
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