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Push Genetic Programming in Python. For the most complete documentation, refer to the pyshgp ReadTheDocs.

Push Genetic Programming

Push is programming language that plays nice with evolutionay computing / genetic programming. It is a stack-based language that features 1 stack per data type, including code. Programs are represented by lists of instructions, which modify the values on the stacks. Instuctions are executed in order.

More information about PushGP can be found on the Push Redux and the Push Homepage.

Installing Pyshgp

pyshgp is compatale with python 3.5.x, and 3.6.x. Pyshgp is also probably compatible with python 2.7.x although it is currently not as rigorously tested.

Install from pip

Coming with first beta 0.1 release of pyshgp. Check the project milestones to get a sense of how far off this is.

Build Frome source

  1. Clone the repo

  2. cd into the pyshgp repo directory

  3. run pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. run pip install . --upgrade

  5. Thats it! Check out the examples and

    pyshgp ReadTheDocs for more information.

Example Usage

The most in depth information about running the pyshgp examples can be found on the pyshgp ReadTheDocs examples page.

Pysh Roadmap / Contributing

Pysh is continuously being developed for applications of genetic proramming, as well as reasearch in Evolutionary Computation. You can see what is coming up next for pyshgp on its Roadmap.

For information about contributing, see the Contributing Guide.