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Code Building GP - Lite

A genetic programming system for synthesizing programs that cover a narrow subset of the Clojure language.


The benchmarks folder contains code to run cbgp-lite on a suite of standard benchmark problems. These can be used as end-to-end tests, but are primarily meant to guide research into improvements of the code building GP method.

Benchmark runs can be started in a variety of ways, detailed below.

Clojure CLI

Simply invoke the run function in one of the benchmark method repos using -X and the :benchmarks alias.

The main namespaces depends on the search algorithm you want to use. For all namespaces the entrypoint is the run funciton. Currently supported search algorithm namespaces are as follows:

  • erp12.cbgp-lite.benchmark.simulated-annealing
  • erp12.cbgp-lite.benchmark.hill-climbing
  • erp12.cbgp-lite.benchmark.random-search

The :suite-ns argument denotes the namespace of the problem suite which will serve training and test cases via a read-cases function. It must also have a problems function that will return a map of problem metadata (types, literals, ERC generators, error functions) when given a map of options.

The remaining arguments should be whatever is required by both the run function of the main namespace and the read-cases function of the :suite-ns.

clj -X:benchmarks \
  :suite-ns erp12.cbgp-lite.benchmark.suite.psb \
  :data-dir '"data/psb"' \
  :problem "vectors-summed"

This is the preferred approach for starting a single run.

The script

A python script for starting multiple runs, optionally with some number of runs happening in parallel. Requires Python 3. See python3 scripts/ --help for possible arguments.

This is the preferred approach to starting multiple runs and capturing a log file for each.


The scripts/ script makes it easy to build Docker images that will perform a single run of a specific PSB suite problem. It takes a two arguments:

  • The search algorithm to use. Choices are ga, simulated-annealing, hill-climbing, random-search.
  • The problem name.

The resulting image will be named fcbgp-[search]-[problem] where [search] and [problem] are the arguments provided to the build script.

Running these images in a container will perform a single run.


Running Tests

clj -X:test