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Life is priceless, and you as a medical practioner needs a best tools to honour it. ERPNext Healthcare domain is a humble initiative to help you serve your patients better.

ERPNext Healthcare

What Healthcare Module Covers

ERPNext Healthcare helps you manage your clinic or practice efficiently by scheduling Appointments and recording Patient Encounters (Consultations). You can easily pull out a Patient's Health Record anytime to review all the history of treatments assisting you in providing effective, high quality care.

ERPNext Healthcare

Contributors of ERPNext Healthcare module

The healthcare domain of ERPNext is a first domain to be competely contributed by a ERPNext community member, Earthians. Listen to Anoop, founder of Earthian on what motivated him to venture into Healthcare domain and how it benefit all the stack-holders of the community.

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User Manual

A clinic needs lots more than Healthcare module to operate efficiently. ERPNext has all of it available built-in.

  • You track your books of accounts using Accounts module.
  • Manage payroll, leaves and claims of your support staff in the HR module.
  • Organize your purchases and place an approval system.

Here is the stepwise guide on each functionality of ERPNext Healthcare module.