a clean architecture implementation of the realworldapp : https://github.com/gothinkster/realworld/issues/245
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RealWorld Example App

Golang clean-architecture codebase containing real world examples (CRUD, auth, advanced patterns, etc) that adheres to the RealWorld spec and API.

Demo    RealWorld

This codebase was created to demonstrate a fully fledged fullstack application built with go including CRUD operations, authentication, routing, pagination, and more.

We've gone to great lengths to adhere to the go community styleguides & best practices.

For more information on how to this works with other frontends/backends, head over to the RealWorld repo.

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How it works

Clean Architecture :

Layers ( from the most abstract to the most concrete ) :

  • domain : abstract data structures
  • uc : "use cases", the pure business logic
  • implem : implementations of the interfaces used in the business logic (uc layer)
  • infra : setup/configuration of the implementation

Golden rules :

  • a layer never imports something from a layer below it
  • 3rd-party libraries are forbidden in the 2 topmost layers

Benefits :

  • flexibility
  • testability

Getting started

Install dependencies

go get -u github.com/golang/dep/cmd/dep
$GOPATH/bin/dep ensure

Run the app


Run the integration tests

Start the server with an existing user

./go-realworld-clean --populate=true

In another terminal, run the tests against the API

newman run api/Conduit.postman_collection.json \
  -e api/Conduit.postman_integration_test_environment.json \
  --global-var "EMAIL=joe@what.com" \
  --global-var "PASSWORD=password"


Make Targets

The version is either 0.1.0 if no tag has ever been defined or the latest tag defined. The build number is the SHA1 of the latest commit.

  • make: Builds and injects version/build in binary
  • make init: Sets the pre-commit hook in the repository
  • make docker: Build docker image and tag it with both latest and version
  • make latest: Build docker image and tag it only with latest
  • make test: Executes the test suite
  • make mock: Generate the necessary mocks
  • make clean: Removes the built binary if present