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Errai Framework

Errai is a Java/GWT web framework for building rich-client web applications. It provides declarative, annotation-driven features that greatly ease development of large-scale applications, including:

Learning about Errai

For those who prefer hands-on learning, checkout the Errai Tutorial to see working Errai application, or learn how to start your own project with our Getting Started Guide.

And for those who prefer the top-down approach, you can find a detailed descriptions of how to use Errai in our documentation.

Errai News

To keep appraised of new features and releases:

Errai Community Support

Visit our forum or join our IRC channel (#errai on freenode) to share solutions.

Contributing to Errai

Report bugs or request features through our issue tracker.

Contribute code through pull requests to this repository. See our contributing guidelines for more details.

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