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Errai Forge 2 Addon

What is Forge

Forge is a code framework that can generate code and configurations for Java projects. Forge 2 can now be used as an Eclipse plugin, providing a simple interface for using Forge Addons.

What does the Errai Forge Addon do?

Currently the Errai Forge Addon has two uses:

  • Configuring a Maven project so that it can run in GWT Development mode or be fully compiled as a GWT/Errai application.

  • Adding or removing Errai features to Maven projects.

Using Forge 2 and the Errai Forge Addon, it is now simpler than ever to get an Errai project started.

How can I use the Errai Forge Addon?

Checkout one of our tutorials on how to use the Errai Forge Addon with the Forge Eclipse Plugin or through the shell.


If you have any feedback or would like to report a bug, please check out our forum and our Jira.