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Feature Request: stay on tab when paging throw error occurances #106

gorenje opened this Issue · 7 comments

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would it be possible to maintain the tab (i.e. Summary Backtrace Environment Parameters Session) that is currently active
when paging through the previous (or newer) occurance of an exception?

currently the workflow is: view exception, click on environment, click on previous, click on environment ... would be nice if the environment tab would stay active to compare values ....

thanks :)


Yep, great idea


Kind of related to #75, I guess


kinda related but not 100% ;) is it then difficult to do (having no really idea about the frontend/javascript works)? i would have a shot at it if i roughly knew how ... i tried adding a #environment (for example) to the link (because the tab links have those ids/names?) but that didn't open the environment tab.

i.e. what's the best approach for this in terms of javascript/css? would it be best to modify the javascript doing the tab changes to also modify the prev/next links to include a marker of some sort? would it be best to set a cookie value via javascript and use that to determine the tab? css-based solution?


i made a stab at it gorenje@fab0679

it basically works as described, 'tab=fubar' gets set and the tab parameter gets evaluated to activate the corresponding tab.

it's not a pull request since i've added two new jquery plugins for handling the url and i'm not sure whether there isn't already built in jquery support for what i'm doing.


Thanks for your work @gorenje! But I really like the way this was done by @martinciu in #107, so I've merged his change instead


just tried out @martinc solution, it's fantastic :) much better than my attempt -- thanks guys!

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