No Routes error when Resolving errors that have been found by a filter #526

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bbbco commented Jul 29, 2013
  1. Click to a list of errors
  2. Type in the filter list and hit enter
  3. Select a few errors
  4. Click Resolve
  5. Confirm "Seriously?"
  6. Notice error:
Routing Error

No route matches [POST] "/problems/search"
Try running rake routes for more information on available routes.

I can't reproduce this issue.

Which version of errbit do you use ?

bbbco commented Jul 30, 2013

My coworker indicates that he pulled the latest code from master on July 10th, 2013


I really can't reproduce this bug.

Are your several to have this issue in your company ?
Which Browser do you use ?
Can you try with the master branch to see if there are some difference ? ( no big change to me since this )
If you do not step 2, the issue is still remain ?
Have you some Javascript Issue report on your browser ?

K2DaC commented Aug 1, 2013

I have both problems as well.

Issue #526 No Routes error when Resolving errors that have been found by a filter
Issue #525: Select all checkbox does not work after filtering list

updated today to the current master.

Browser: Chrome

You can merge problems when not using search / filter.
But once you are using the search, you get the "No route matches [POST] "/problems/search" error" when you try it.
Also the checkmark is not doing anything :/

I also have another issue with the search / filter.See Issue #528

@shingara shingara added a commit that closed this issue Aug 22, 2013
@shingara shingara Live action on data-action
The errbit.js add handler on data-action but this handler not works on
action change by Ajax. with a live, it's works now

Fix #526
@shingara shingara closed this in 606824e Aug 22, 2013
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