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err-gitbot plugin a that watchs your git repositories.

For more information about err you can find it here:



pip install gitpython

If you have the admin rights on an err chatbot simply use:

!repos install errbotio/err-gitbot

in order to install the plugin. Then !help to see the available commands and their explanation.

Some tips here :

To track all the branches of a repo just say with the repo url:

!git follow git://

Err will extract smartly the name "xbmc" from it.

if you want to follow a specific branches instead of everything just:

!git follow git:// Eden-pvr Dharma

If you redo a follow this time simply with the symbolic name you can add new branches to track:

!git follow xbmc staging

Or you can remove a specific branch with !git unfollow:

!git unfollow xbmc staging

Or the repo alltogether

!git unfollow xbmc 

If at any point you are lost, you can ask the list of currently followed repos / branches with:

!git following

Note : If you have several chatrooms defined in your err config, it will only "spam" the first one.